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Booking, Cancellation & Other Policies

FABWOMEN will not be increasing the treatment prices this financial year. Please note our expenses have increased as has everybody’s. We have decided to carry these costs at this time.

However we cannot carry the costs of No shows, no or late cancelling and running late for appointments.

With every professional business there is a serious side... Thank you for taking the time to read, understand and appreciate how we bring the best customer service to you. Please help us maintain this good service by providing us with the following small courtesies.

At FABWOMEN we strive to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

  • Appointments: Being fashionably late is great for cocktail parties but a nightmare for our therapists and other clients that follow. Cancellation notice is required.
  • Punctuality with your appointment times. If you are running late, we will try to accommodate you the best we can, however we may not be able to perform the full service, and you will be charged the full fee.
  • Facials we recommend arriving 5 min. prior to your appointment: if forms are required to be filled in or you need to use the bathroom this will not use your "actual treatment time"
  • We ask kindly that you give us 24 hour noticeso that someone else may visit us. Time is important to us all. And we all know what it feels like when a friend rings us last minute or a tradesman calls to cancel plans... can you imagine how much extra time you would have had if you knew earlier!!!
  • Please read below policies for cancellations/bookings no shows
  • For the respect of others please turn your mobile phone to vibrate
  • We love children, but sometimes it is not appropriate to have them in the salon. It can hinder and distract the therapist from doing the best treatment. We take no responsibility at any time on your results, or their safety.

Booking & Cancellation Policy

No-shows and last minute cancellations enormously disadvantage our business.

FABWOMEN has a new Booking Policy designed to protect not only our business’ bottom line and in turn, our affordability, but also to keep things fair for all clients.

It also means that other clients cannot book those time slots with us. We hope that you will appreciate the introduction of our new Booking and Cancellation policy.

A 50% deposit is required to secure all bookings for special occasions and group bookings

We understand that sometimes you may need to change your booking. We kindly request 24 hour notice so that we can offer that time slot to another client. Your deposit will be held for your next booking, or refunded. However, if you don’t provide us with 24 hour notice or you fail to turn up for your appointment, you may send a friend or family member in your place, or your deposit will be forfeited. We cannot accept messages left on Sundays or Mondays as the salon is closed as it is in sufficient notice - as we will not have enough time to try to rebook your time slot.

We thank you for your understanding.



No Show Policy

A No show is simply when you do not turn up for your appointment.

  • Booking/Cancellation Policy apply (*read the policy above)
  • If this appointment was a Gift Voucher / Free Treatment or a packaged treatment, the time has been lost and therefore the Voucher / Free Treatment or packaged treatment has been forfeited.

Gift Vouchers, Groupon Vouchers or any other promotion Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are subject to the following:

  • Must be used within expiry date issued.
  • Cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Vouchers must be presented at the time of your treatment for redemption and only one voucher can be used per treatment.
  • Vouchers are unable to be replaced if lost.
  • Gift Vouchers must be redeemed only at indicated FABWOMEN location that is on the voucher (Fabwomen is not a franchise and is financially independent of each other)
  • If you make a booking for the use of a Gift voucher and you No Show you will forfeit the full amount of the voucher.
  • Cancellation Policy applies to a Gift Voucher booking.

Advertised Prices - Advertised Prices are subject to the following:


  • An area is the part of the body being treated.
  • A certain number of "flashes/ shots" are allocated to each area. The number of flashes/shots is based on a small framed person (cm2 surface area).
  • If the area to be treated is larger than the predefined area, and extra flashes/shots are required, they will be charged at R10 per flash. This will be discussed with you and a quote will be given at your consultation.
  • If an area is advertised at a specific price, then the number of flashes required to cover the defined area will be carried out at no extra cost. If the area to be treated extends past the defined special area, then extra flashes will be charged at R10 per flash.
  • Charges can be fixed or by flash on discussion in the consultation prior to your first treatment.
  • Chosen fee method (fixed or by flash) will be for the entire treatment programme and cannot be changed at any stage throughout the programme.

The Salon/s Treatment Price List is subject to change at any given time without notice.

All Monthly Promotions

Are subjected to conditions apply and will vary from promotion to promotion.

  • Expiry date
  • Booking & Cancellation Policy applies to all promotions

Prior to purchase please feel free to request for the conditions

Thank you for assisting FABWOMEN to take great care of you.

Kindest Regards,
Karen and Zelmarie

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